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Graduation Requirements and University Admission Standards

The following table illustrates the course requirements for completion of a high school diploma at Paul Revere Academy , as well as recommendations for satisfying in-state university and college competencies. University and college competencies may vary by institution; therefore, scholars should carefully examine admission requirements in college catalogs and specific college websites. Scholars should consult with parents/guardians and school advisors regarding course selections and credits.

General Graduation Requirements In-State University/
College Competencies
ENGLISH 4 credits 4 credits
(composition & literature based)
MATH 4 credits
(Must complete Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 11, and fourth course contains high school content)
4 credits
(1 year each of: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and an advanced class –Algebra II is prerequisite)
SCIENCE 3 credits
Must complete 1 credit each of 3 different sciences. (Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science)
3 credits
1 credit each of 3 different lab sciences selected from the following: Chemistry, Physics, or Biology, Earth Science
HISTORY 3 credits
(World, American, Government/Econ)
2 credits
Am. Hist. and 1 other
FOREIGN LANGUAGE n/a 2 credits
2 years of same language
FINE ARTS/CTE 1 credit 1 credit
ELECTIVE COURSES 7 credits 7 credits


Subject Grade course is taken Credits
History – (3 credits required)  
  World History  9th or 10th  1
  American History  10th or 11th  1
  Economics 12th  .5
  Government 12th  .5
English – (4 credits required)
  English 9 9th  1
  American Literature 10th  1
  British Literature 11th  1
  World Literature 12th 1
Mathematics – (4 credits required)
  Algebra I 9th  1
  Geometry 10th 1
  Algebra II  11th  1
  Financial Algebra 12th  1
Science – (4 credits required)
  Earth Science  9th or 10th  1
  Biology  10th or 11th 1
  Chemistry  11th  or 12th 1
Fine Arts/CTE/Elective (EVIT) – 8 credit required  9th-12th  8


Course credits will be awarded on a semester basis. Scholars will be awarded one-half credit for demonstration of course mastery of 60% (grade of “D” or better) based on course performance standards. 

All courses taught for credit will receive a letter grade or a pass/fail option. Grade point and the percentage used are listed below. Dual Enrollment classes are weighted on a 5.0 scale. 

Grade Percent   Letter Grade   Quality Points
90 & above A 4.0
80-89 3.0
70-79 C 2.0
60-69 D 1.0
59 & below F 0.0