Paul Revere Academy Transportation Details 

Paul Revere offers transportation support to families and students through a variety of means – depending on students’ locations and their specific needs. Transportation support could take the form of a pass to ride public transportation, daily routed service on a van or sedan route, a carpooling app that the school will provide to help families and students connect and coordinate rides, or direct reimbursement to support families and students offset their own transportation costs. Some students may receive multiple forms of transportation support that could differ by the day or each day from morning to afternoon. 

Beginning in SY23-24, Paul Revere is partnering with 4MATIV Technologies ( to manage and coordinate all these various transportation options for families, working with a diverse set of suppliers and technology providers. All enrolled students will be registered in 4MATIV’s system and assigned an appropriate mode of transportation or form of transportation support in consultation with the school and considering a multitude of factors. Students and families will receive text communications about their assigned mode(s), schedules, and day-to-day updates from Paul Revere’s new dedicated transportation hotline: 480-908-9779. Students and families can call or text this new hotline during operational hours (from 6AM to 6PM or until the last route clears each night) with any questions or concerns that they have about their transportation arrangement. 

Service Level Details 

Carpooling App 

All students and families will be able to sign up for the CarpoolToSchool app – for which the school has purchased a site license. Families will be able to search for other families in their area that are attending Paul Revere, invite them to carpool (or receive invites from them to carpool) and then will be able to set up daily/weekly arrangements to carpool. Registered families using the app and with pre-arranged carpools will be able to track drivers via GPS, and communicate through the app. The carpooling app will be available to all students and families, regardless of other transportation services they may receive from the school. 

Transit Passes 

Passes for Valley Metro will be provided as an option to students who live very close to the Valley Metro network or who choose this as their preferred way of getting to and from school. The 4MATIV team will verify that students’ journeys meet a minimum threshold of “feasibility” for our students, or if more support is needed or another mode (like a van or reimbursement) are a better option. We believe that public transit can be a safe and flexible option for some students if their full home-to-school (or school-to-home) journey time (one-way) is less than or equal to 60 minutes – including their expected walk time to/from transit stops and their home address, waiting time and transfer time, and walking time between the transit stop and the school. We also consider transfers and will not assign a pass for students that would have to endure more than 1 transfer to get to or from school – unless a family still prefers a transit pass as an option.

Van & Sedan Routes 

Depending on their location and specific circumstance, some students will be routed on a small network of qualified van and sedan operators that will be managed by 4MATIV. 4MATIV’s operations team will plan all routes and monitor them in real time daily, and Paul Revere’s transportation hotline number will be the central point of communication with families regarding daily route statuses, delays, and other concerns during daily operations – regardless of the particular vendor or route servicing students. All Van & Sedan route stops will be at students’ addresses, but students are expected to be outside and waiting at least 5 minutes before the scheduled arrival time – and vehicles will not wait past the scheduled time in order that all students can experience timely service. 


Where none of the above options are available or feasible for Paul Revere students, or if the school determines in consultation with families and caretakers that it is the best option, the school may offer reimbursement to families – paid out monthly by way of a digital payment platform called Chekspend – also managed on behalf of Paul Revere by 4MATIV Technologies. Eligible families will be informed of the terms of the reimbursement for which they’re eligible and will be prompted to register within the Chekspend platform. Daily reimbursement rates may vary by student distance from school, but will be paid out only for days that students are in attendance and where the student is not receiving another form of transportation support (e.g. a transit pass or van/sedan route) from the school. A minimum attendance threshold of 80% will also be required in order to unlock eligibility for reimbursements. Students or families may also be eligible for one-off reimbursements in select instances.

Email to participate in a transportation assistance option.