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Paul Revere Academy is a results-proven academic program that will serve grades 9-12th, and is located on the EVIT main campus.

Students will do 1/2 day academics, 1/2 day EVIT technical training.
We will open our doors in July 2023.

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This newly formed school will benefit students who are interested in earning a certificated skill and/or trade program completion, interested in an excelling academic program in addition to receiving social, emotional, and behavioral support services in and during the school day. Students will successfully complete their EVIT experience with industry credentials, college credit and direct training, allowing them to become competitive in their community workforce or transition to post-secondary training.

Heritage Academy will provide the excelling core academic curriculum, as well as credit recovery for those students in need.

Heritage Academy, a 27-year-old public charter school in Mesa is located a few miles East of EVIT’s main campus. EVIT has been providing career and technical trade education for 30 years.  These two programs have a long-standing tradition in Mesa and the East Valley Communities. 

Paul Revere Academy is dedicated to youth, their growth and development including building strong character. While teaching the academic disciplines, Paul Revere Academy is dedicated to instilling into the minds and hearts of today’s youth a knowledge of and respect for the ideals and values of the great men and women of history.

In addition to Paul Revere’s curriculum, is the ability of scholars to receive college credit by registering for dual enrollment classes held at Paul Revere and nearby Heritage Academy Mesa. EVIT also offers dual enrollment and college credit-bearing classes. The marrying of these two programs allows students to earn college credits while earning an industry credential/certificate.

Paul Revere Academy will benefit those who need credit recovery and additional time and resources to graduate on time. We are hoping to serve students who need vital wrap-around services (but aren’t currently being helped as they should), and students who need additional resources during academic time, as well as community connection similar to a traditional high school setting, which overall when these services are lacking also contribute to a lower graduation rate.

Paul Revere will meet the needs of individual students including Special Education, Credit Recovery Advisor and Master teachers in their subject areas.

One of our main objectives is to provide all students with educational STABILITY. Our prized vision is to provide students with a stable learning environment where they can be engaged in an industry credit and certificated program while receiving social, emotional, and behavioral support that meets individual student circumstances.  This support is to be provided during the school day.

Paul Revere’s and EVIT’s partnership provides experienced support staff such as academic counselors, career and college prep advisors, trade mentors and outside providers who can support students in mental and behavioral health services.  The program will also expand support in partnership with Statewide organizations, non-profits, and business partners.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

8:00am. School day begins at 8:00am and ends at 2:35pm unless students need tutoring or extra help. Teachers will be on campus to help students until 3:20.  Please have your student make arrangements with the teacher before the end of the day if they are requesting after school help.

Paul Revere Academy follows EVIT’s calendar schedule, except for a few days surrounding breaks.  (dates subject to change)

Paul Revere Academy calendar schedule:

7/24/23: First day of school
10/2/23 – 10/13/23: Fall break
11/22/23-11/24/23: Thanksgiving break
12/20/23-1/2/23: Winter break
3/11/23-3/22/23: Spring break
3/29/23: Spring holiday
5/22/23: Last day of school

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Please have the following documents prepared to upload:

___ COMPLETED ARIZONA RESIDENCY FORM (can be downloaded in the application portal)

___ COPY OF REQUIRED RESIDENCY DOCUMENTATION (driver’s license, utility bill, rental agreement, etc.)

You may take a picture with your cell phone or scan and upload the documents using a scanner and computer. **We highly recommend using the free app, CamScanner, to take images from your smart device and upload as pdf. The app can also create multi-page documents.**

Once the application is submitted, you will receive an email from SchoolMint stating that everything has been received. Paul Revere Academy will then review the application.

For most programs at EVIT, school times would be everyday from either 8-10:35 am or 12-2:35 pm.  EVIT determines the best time for each student to attend their courses.  

They will be automatically accepted to EVIT but you still need to apply to EVIT and register for classes.

Football, basketball, soccer, and tennis.  We are always adding more sport options if enough students are interested.

Paul Revere Academy is a partnership and collaboration between Heritage Academy & EVIT.